My First Community Manager

Create a community that engages busy professionals

Confidently take your first steps to turn your audience into an active community that creates value while you sleep

What my clients say

Nityesh is a creative and detail-oriented community builder focused on execution and driving results.

He created a step-by-step engagement and onboarding process and community strategy grounded on the research and feedback from our members.

In addition to a strong work ethic, he is pleasant to work with.

Vasil Azarov

Founder & CEO, Growth Blazers

On Deck Scale fellow

Nityesh brought ideas to the table and execution that moved the needle to significantly improve engagement of our members!

He also simplified the channels we had, built up on onboarding funnel, and engaged with our members 1v1.

He brings not only community growth and engagement strategies, but he’s also got a great business sense, and asks good questions across the table.

Bradley Jacobs

Founder & CEO, Mylance

On Deck Founders fellow

It has never been easier to start a digital community

Your audience is sitting at home longing for belonging.

You have never had more tools to connect them. That too, for free!

You can unlock a new source of leads, outsource value creation to your audience and build a self-sustaining engine to power your marketing efforts.

But building engagement is still hard

You can't just drop your audience in a Slack group and call it community.

You unlock the power of community only when members engage to create value for each other.

That's the challenge! How do you get your members to engage with each other?

You need someone to remove the guesswork out of your community building game.


My First Community Manager

All the help you need as a first-time community builder to create an engaged community of professionals with limited resources. 

Community Consulting

Hire me to create a useful community where busy professionals engage.

I will do the heavy lifting to:

Create your community strategy and roadmap

Create a new member onboarding plan

Create an engagement plan

Design your community platform

Write a compelling landing page copy for your community

Create a superuser program to super scale your community's impact

Help you with any other community needs...

2500/month onwards

Community Coaching (NEW)

Get my personal community-building handbook + private coaching sessions where I'll help you apply proven tactics to your community.

Together, we'll work to help you:

Create a community strategy for increasing engagement

Design a welcoming community space 

Create an onboarding experience to engage new members

Invite, onboard and reward superusers as you scale


Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Nityesh . 👋🏽

I help founders and creators build a useful community where professionals connect and learn from each other.

I worked full-time as the first Community Manager for Dataquest, a seed-stage edtech SaaS startup.

I managed everything community - strategy, engagement and operations - for our online community of 30,000+ aspiring data professionals.


A community of aspiring Data Scientists

I was the first Community Consultant for YourStory, a growth-stage media startup.

Worked on migrating YourStory Club’s paid community of 300+ entrepreneurs from Mighty Networks to Slack.


A community of Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

I was the first Community Consultant for Growth Blazers, a seed-stage startup.

I created a Community Strategy to build engagement, onboard new users and onboard a full-time Community Manager for their paid community.

Growth Blazers 

A community of Modern Marketers and Growth-minded Leaders

I am the first Community Consultant for Mylance, a seed-stage startup that provides SaaS tools, education and services for Consultants. 

Worked on creating their community strategy to improve engagement, redesigning community space and auditing onboarding operations.


A community of Freelance Consultants

I am the first Community Consultant for MPOWER Financing, a growth-stage fintech startup.

Worked on launching their community, creating a strategy for growth and engagement, recruiting moderators and managing day-to-day operations.

MPOWER Financing

A community of International Students at Higher Education Universities

I'm a co-creator of Community Hacked - a monthly event series for community builders by community builders - and a founding fellow of On Deck Community Builders fellowship.

Leading community-led communities also feature me magazines and invite me to speak to their communities:

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I believe I've been lucky to have been on the edge of the digital community building revolution. Now, I want to help you capitalise on this opportunity to create value by creating belonging!

Who is this for?

This is for builders who want to invest in building high-value digital communities. 


You've launched a successful business that generates revenue. Now, you want to invest in building community of your users to make it your competitive advantage.


You are a writer or a teacher with an audience. Now, you want to turn that audience into a community that can create value while you sleep.

Solo Community Managers

Ah, the fabulous solo-CM! You manage everything in your community - strategy, engagement, operations, everything! You could use a helping hand, right? 

Who is this not for?

If you already have an established community team that supports your community program, or if you are a veteran in the community industry, this may not be the right fit.

The market needs you and the tools are there, just waiting. All that’s missing is you, and your vision and your passion.

Take your first steps to turn your audience into an engaged community

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